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Leather HIP Quiver/armguard/belt combo, Archery Belt Quiver with armguard and belt

Leather HIP Quiver/armguard/belt combo, Archery Belt Quiver with armguard and belt

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This is quiver/armguard/belt combo. All these items are sold separately, as well, but this is for all 3.

A quality, handmade, leather quiver, that is quite possibly the best design for 3D or field archery. It holds your arrows in an easy to reach position, and your choice of front or back, left or right. The 2 narrow belt loops will fit on your belt in any position, even staddling the loop on your pants. The top opening of the quiver is narrow so it holds your arrows and they don't rattle around, with no need for tubes or wraps. I've included a small loop that will hold one arrow separately from the others, in case one gets broken or is just different. It rides comfortably on your hip, close to your leg and out of the way when using narrow trails. The pocket is large enough to hold your smart phone and wallet, if you choose, and the beaver tail flap, with its snap, is easy to open or close. I use 6-7 oz full grain leather...that's over 1/8 inch thick. Cut by hand. Tannery dyed and finished for consistancy. Sewn with heavy nylon thread. Laced with genuine leather lace. Quality hardware added. If you're looking for a quality hip quiver, that's a joy to use, and will last a lifetime, you need look no further. When you order specify which direction you want the arrows to stick out, front or back. You need to also specify left side or right. This quiver will hold 12 arrows, but is probably better with 6. Available in 3 colours. This is a combo listing and also includes the following:

An arm guard to protect an archer's forearm from string slap. This one is extra long, with pointed ends and basketweave tooling. For archer's who want protection higher on their arm than the regular length arm guard will provide. It wraps around the forearm and is held in place by 3 stretch cord loops. Sized for wrist circumference of 5-10 inches. Large end will fit forearm with a circumference of 8-15 inches. For the purpose of this listing it is assumed that you will be wearing the armguard on the side opposite your quiver, message me if you want some thing different. Armguard is 8.5 inches long. Available in 3 colours to match the quiver.

Combo also come with a quiver belt...2 inches wide, full grain cowhide and a heavy duty buckle. Colour to match the other items, and in a full range of sizes. If you plan to wear this lower than your normal waist you'll need to measure that for me, because on most people those measurements are different. 

If you wish to have one of my other armguards paired with this quiver, just let me know in the comments.

1-2 weeks processing time

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