About Us

Leather items that work like a third hand and are as comfortable as an old friend

I use vegetable tanned leather in my shop. It has been made in the same way for thousands of years, and doesn't require chemicals the way chrome tanned leather does. It smells wonderful. It has a texture and "feel" like nothing else. If you wet it with water, and then mold it, it will retain the new shape. If you care for it properly, it will last several lifetimes, and will improve with each one. Use only imparts new character, marks from this or that, only enhance its beauty. When has there ever been a synthetic material that did that? If you want a quiver that will hold your arrows, any will. If you want a quiver that will hold your arrows, do so without them rattling about, look stylish and beautiful, be uniquely handmade, from traditional materials using traditional methods, and smell nice too, you need to get one of mine.

Welcome to GWLeathercraft. Here, the focus is on traditional archery and bushcraft accessories with some very nice belts thrown in. I know what you want. If your interest is traditional archery, I've been involved in that for 13 years. If you want bushcraft items, I've been doing that since before it was called bushcraft. If you want a belt, I've been wearing belts since I pulled on my first pair of pants. I make all my items myself here in Nova Scotia, by hand, one by one. We offer calculated shipping to Canada, the US, and overseas.

My items are uniquely my own, and are designed and built to withstand the rigors of extended use and abuse, wherever you go.