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The Highwayman Leather Cartridge Belt, Western Cartridge Belt, with Single Fast Draw holster

The Highwayman Leather Cartridge Belt, Western Cartridge Belt, with Single Fast Draw holster

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The Highwayman pattern western style gun belt and holster. Both holster and belt are lined, so smooth side in and out for holster and belt is lined with suede, to keep it in place. Belt Is a ranger overlap style, and is cut straight, 3 inches wide, and intended to wear just below your waist. Sewn around the edge and fitted with a clipped corner buckle. The holster is wet formed to the pistol, but doesn't grip when turned upside down(zero retention). It has a flared mouth to allow easy reholstering, and a leather block added to keep the holster from lifting when you draw. The holster has an open toe. Fitted with a strap and hidden snap, so you can take the holster apart for cleaning and conditioning. The belt will be made to order and made for your hip size. Please be sure to measure accurately, over your clothes at the height you will be wearing your gun belt. I will need to know the barrel length, cartridge, side, color and cant. Please add it in the comments. The one shown has a 5.5 inch barrel. The holster shown is a straight model, but any angle is available. This listing is for a belt with one holster, there is separate listings for a holster or a double rig. Three colours available.

The listing is for the gun belt and one holster...mold gun is for display purposes only, and isn't included.

The pull down menu lists all the revolvers I can make holsters for at this time. Most of the revolvers listed are named by their original models but any clones or reproductions of them will also fit. An example would be the 1873 Colt SAA and the Uberti Cattleman are interchangeable from a holster standpoint.

1-2 week processing time

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