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The Bandit Shoulder Cartridge Belt, Shotshell Belt, Bandolier, lined

The Bandit Shoulder Cartridge Belt, Shotshell Belt, Bandolier, lined

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The Bandit cartridge belt, over the shoulder, bandolier style. The one shown is made for 12 gauge cartridges, and holds 36 in the 66 inch size. Other cartridge sizes available, with the belt holding more, the number depending on the size of the cartridge, and belt length. It's made in 2 pieces and joined with leather lace to make it flex. This belt fits your shoulder better than other belts because it has a joint at the top and at the bottom, and the belt can flex and move at those 2 joints. It conforms to your body shape better, making it more comfortable and easier to use. There is no adjustment, so the belt is made to fit. The main belt is 2.5 inches wide, the loops are 1 inch wide. Available in 3 colours. Made in 4 sizes to suit your body type, medium/regular 66 inches, large 72 inches and x-large 78 inches and 84 xx-large, and will fit right or left. This listing is for a belt lined with suede, for a smoother, finshed look on the inside.

To measure for fit, using a flexible ribbon or tape, measure from your shoulder, down around your opposite hip and back to your shoulder. This measurement should be similar to one of the sizes I offer.

1-2 week processing time

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